September 2014

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The Light Flyer Program: Crowd Funded Deliveries Of Light To The Developing World And Refugee Camps

We Need Light Flyers. This program partners people traveling to the developing world and refugee camps with citizens who donate lights. The goal is to get the lights delivered directly to the source as quickly as possible with less cost. Are you traveling to the developing world? Are you conducting charity or relief work at a refugee camp? Help to bring light to the people who need it most by clicking to become a Light Flyer today.

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  • 19/09/2014in Uncategorized

    Portable Solar Powered Portable Lighting for the Syrian Opposition

    Dear All, I would very much welcome comments, both supportive and suggesting areas where the concepts below might require revision. I would also appreciate anyone at State or DOD to connect with me for further discussions. Talking Points – Why Providing the Syrian Resistance with Solar Powered Lights is Vital Recent press reporting indicates the...
  • 09/09/2014in Uncategorized

    Press Release – Start of US Manufacturing Operations

    Dear Friends, Please see below for a press release we are shortly set to send to various media outlets. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Mark Bent 713-449-6765 Veteran Owned and Operated Manufacturer Starts US Production of Solar Powered Flashlights with Offer of Lifetime Warranty. Alexandria, VA [Sept 8, 2014] —...
  • 07/09/2014in Energy Poverty

    The Impact of Energy Poverty

    Dear Friends, In concert with the commencement of our US base of production, we are reinvigorating and adding to our efforts to operate various humanitarian focused programs with an overarching goal of providing millions of our products to people living in the developing world, off the electrical grid.   Lighting is transformational to the recipien...
  • 01/09/2014in Production Update

    Coming to Production

    Dear Friends, It is with great excitement and considerable satisfaction that I am able to announce that we are on the edge of coming to production here in Virginia.   I would first like to thank – and welcome back – our past customers, who kept sending us notes of support and encouragement as we worked...